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World Accreditation Day 2016 Public Forum

Regional Medical Lab Accredited by Jamaica’s Accreditation Body

Mrs. Sharonmae Shirley, CEO, JANAAC, presents the Accreditation Certificate to Mr. Andrew Boyle, CEO of Eureka Medical Lab The Eureka Medical Lab (EML), one of Guyana’s longest serving providers of health care services was on Saturday, March 5, awarded their accreditation certificate which detailed their scope of accreditation to the ISO 15189 Standard by the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC).
The Accreditation Certificate to JANAAC’s first regional accredited medical lab, was handed over by the Chief Executive Officer of the Agency, Mrs. Sharonmae Shirley, who expressed pleasure in presenting the award. She said that EML was inducted into the ‘accreditation hall of fame’ when it was granted accreditation on February 4, 2016. “Though it will receive its certificate today, this accreditation certificate proves that not only JANAAC, but by extension the international accreditation community, signatories to the ILAC-MRA, attests that this laboratory and all of our accredited labs are competent to perform the specific tests listed in their scope in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 15189 international standard.”

Mrs. Shirley moved to thank the team of Assessors who were committed to the long and rigorous process used to determine EML’s competence for accreditation. “We are fully satisfied with the competence of the EML Lab, and I know the lab staff is much sharper and confident following the experience” said Mrs. Shirley.

The boost in confidence was also shared by the Lab’s Quality Manager, Mr. Shawn Manbodh who said that this accreditation for the EML team meant that the lab will now be able to take health care to an international level to better serve its clients. Chief Executive Officer of the Lab, Mr. Andrew Boyle is reassured that the Lab will now be able to reap the benefits of International Recognition of their Accreditation.

The accreditation award was a fitting addition to the Lab’s 21st Anniversary celebration which was also witnessed by Dr. George Norton, Public Health Minister and a host of well-wishers and staff.