Feb 06, 2023 Last Updated 4:20 PM, Jan 4, 2023

Important Check list Assessment of PT participation by CABs

1 Is there clear recognition of CAB of the importance of ILC and PT to Quality Assurance?

2 Is there a PT participation plan?

3 Is there provision to review the plan in response to changes in staffing, methodology, instrumentation etc?

4 When was the most recent participation?

5 Who was the PT provider?

6 Is this provider accredited?

7 If not, is there any indication of their proficiency in delivering this PT program?

8 What were the results of the labs participation?

9 If there were adverse results, how did the CAB respond to these results?

10 If accredited did the CAB’s inform JANAAC of poor performance in PT program?

11 How did they treat with recent test results and reports sent to clients?

12 Did the CAB develop appropriate Corrective Actions (CAs) to these adverse results?

13 Were these CAs implemented?

14 If not, is there a timetable for implementation?

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What is Accreditation?

Accreditation refers to the process by which an authoritative body, such as JANAAC, grants formal recognition that a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) is competent, based on specific international standards and practices, to carry out particular services.Apply Now